Engage every member of the family

Quite simply, there is no content like KidsHealth content. With 3 age-appropriate sections for parents, kids, and teens, KidsHealth provides education for the entire family. And, KidsHealth includes various types of media to satisfy different learning styles.

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Provide simple, easy-to-understand information

Hallmarks of KidsHealth

  • Medicaid-approved for literacy level
  • Free of medical jargon
  • Warm and comforting
  • Continuously updated with seasonal and timely content


Teach with engaging videos, animations, and games

Bring engagement to important service lines

Wellness Centers provide families with practical information all in one, easy-to-link-to URL.

  • Videos and animations
  • Articles
  • Dictionaries
  • Personal stories
  • Recipes
  • Q&As
  • Tools and quizzes
  • Customizable areas to integrate your services

Give quick, simple answers

KidsHealth A to Z

  • Quick overviews of approximately 800 symptoms and conditions
  • Perfect for “My Child Has…” and similar quick look-up features
  • Entries link to more detailed information in your KidsHealth content
  • Medically encoded for easy indexing

Satisfy with more than just medical topics

  • Emotions and behaviors
  • Growth and development
  • Children with special needs
  • Well visit checklists

Connect with your Spanish speakers

2 ways to navigate Spanish content:

1. From section home page

2. Toggle between English and Spanish article

To access our demo library, contact Jeffrey Santoro: Santoro@KidsHealth.org.